Vintage Is Back

The ‘vintage’ look is well and truly back, and with the summer now well and truly under way home owners everywhere will be starting new DIY projects to turn their homes into the modern-vintage show homes they’ve always dreamed of. With property market now picking up again we are seeing a surge in new buyers looking to refurbish some rather tired looking properties, and the wonderful you can do it for pennies.

What many people think of as ‘junk’ such as old wooden pallets, milk pales or even horse shoes are actually little gems in disguise just waiting to give your new room a rustic, stylish look.  Many of these items can be picked up quite easily from car boot sales, auctions, scrapyards and more often than not from disowned self-storage lockers. It is surprising just how many people pack things away in these lockers only to forget about them in years to come only to be rediscovered like little time capsules.

Take a look at some excellent examples of how you can make these items work for you:


This make-up stand now makes and excellent wash bowl counter top.



An old bird cage now used as a candle holder.




This old piece of metal fence is now a scarf holder.




The top of a mantle piece from an old fireplace makes and excellent feature shelf.