Vintage Dresses

Vintage is back in a big way, and not just in our homes but in our fashion choices too. If you love the look of vintage then it is easy to incorporate elements into your everyday wear. Find out some of the key vintage fashion dress trends around.

The structured dress of the 1950’s is one of the most iconic looks out there with its nipped in waists and full stiff skirts with layers of petticoats to give a stylish and eye catching look. Often called the ‘prom dress’ look, it is actually surprisingly easy to incorporate into your everyday look too. Not only can you get away with eye catching and beautiful prints, but it is a super flattering silhouette to most body shapes. The full skirt skims over the hips and makes your waist look even smaller too!


1950’s skirt patterns

You might have noticed recently that there has been a big upswing in the number of stores selling midi-length skirts with a sheen to them. This style of vintage skirts has a rish history going all th way back to some point in the 1920s. Back then it was extremely fashionable to have a skirt hem risen for the first time that would show off someone’s ankles (ooh la la). As the trend caught on, the pleat needed to be lighter and that led to lighter colours being used, which is coming back in to fashion almost 100 years later:


This skirt in particular is a V by Very Metallic Plisse Midi Skirt that has a gold sheen and matches almost too well when paired with black (remember that any metallic colour you’re wearing shouldn’t be contrasting with other bright colours). You can get money off this skirt by using a Very promo code.


The next signature look is the relaxed hippie fashion from the late 1960’s and early(ish) 1970’s. Floaty dresses in swirling Paisley patterns are not only super comfortable, but also highly in fashion these days; just think of the maxi dresses that have been everywhere the last couple of years. With flip flops, wedges for that authentic 70’s look, or even trainers for ultimate comfort, a vintage dress from this era is an easy style to tap into.

Eye-catching 1970’s dress

The 1940’s tea dress is another easy style to wear, and is ultra-feminine to boot. Tea gown as they were originally known actually originated in the 19th Century as indoor dresses to wear in the house early to entertain close friends and family. By the 1940’s, with wartime rations affecting material, the tea dress was a pretty and practical addition to most women’s wardrobes. While feminine, it is still a structured look, with wide shoulders and small waist important to the style, which is achieved with either shoulder padding or puffed sleeves and a think belt. Often with capped sleeves and practical front buttoning, don’t forget to wear some little white gloves to complete your look.

1940’s tea dress patterns

One problem that people can find when dressing vintage is that finding clothes to fit can be a challenge since we are now taller and often wider than ever before. Many companies create authentic reproductions of vintage clothes using the same designs but designed for today’s sizing measurements. Or if you are perhaps overweight and would love to look your best in your chosen vintage style, then it is never too late to change and set about losing those extra pounds. With so many successful dieting methods nowadays such as the Alevere treatment, you can set about wearing the clothes of your dreams!