Modern Fixtures Meeting Traditional Furnishing

This apartment in Poland is a great example of true vintage interior design; taking the traditional and making it feel new.

Stunningly decorated in every square metre and almost too perfect to touch, this is the kind of apartment that should be a showcase for how to use 20th century furniture in a modern setting. The living room/dining area is reminiscent of a mid century home/hotel lobby, but in a good way. It’s a space that is formal at being informal.

The kitchen is just perfect. Glistening white at every opportunity and an art Deco feel that is complimented by the noticeable chairs and sockets.

If there is one special thing to pick up on this home that showcases it’s true vintage feel: the cabinet in the corner of the kitchen. We haven’t seen a home showcase its crockery like this in a long time and applaud the use of the ‘family’ cabinet here.