In 2016, Look East

If you think your idea of vintage is all about Victorian fittings on your ceiling and 70s style kitsch furniture, it’s time to broaden your horizons. In 2016 a big trend in the vintage world will be to look eastwards for influence. Here are some ideas of where you should be looking if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

In The Kitchen

indian kitchen

While a lot of cooking is done in eastern kitchens (dinner is more of a feast than throwing a ready meal in the cooking) many kitchen are quite minimal in their appearance. A big reason for this is to simply have the space to cook dishes that involve a lot of different ingredients and ways of preparing food. This example above of a modern kitchen in India has a few kitschy vintage elements that we love. The orange is straight out of the 1960s along with the clasping handles on all the cabinets and the translucent covers on the main cabinet either side of the cooker. If you don’t want to carry out a full refurbishment on your kitchen, just follow suit here by adding some patterns to some white space of the lower cabinet. It helps to break up the monotony of the room and provides some individuality.  We recommend searching for patterns on Pinterest for inspiration.

In The Living Room

doha living room


Much like in the kitchen, middle eastern style in the living room isn’t all decadent drapes, lush carpets and cushions all over the floor. The photo above is of a hotel apartment in Doha which perfectly matches modern design with tradition. This is the kind of living space that several people will stay in (as it’s part of a hotel complex) which means that the living room needs to be quite plain looking but also have a feeling of making you feel like you’re actually in Doha. The main points to pick up here are the use of cushions with patterns; something you can never have too many of, and the placement of plants and flowers in the room.

In The Bathroom

tea lights

There isn’t really much you can do to make your bathroom look that much different than it does in the middle east, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. An incredibly cheap and colourful way to add some eastern influence though is to get some Indian style candle holders. Tea lights are the preferred candles for use and because they don’t really take up any room you can keep them anywhere. Green, orange and red are the main colours for holders as they provide the best glow. Little holders are able to light up a room in a unique way if you buy good ones like those you find in the luxury suites Bahrain has to offer . Cheap ones that are shaped like those pictured above will have a metallic outside where the circles are painted. A good holder will have glass balls held in place that give off a nice glow when lit in a dark room, making it perfect for a bit of ambience in the bath.

In the Bedroom

doha style bedroom

To give the bedroom an eastern influence, the easiest thing you can do is go on the hunt for some high quality wallpaper. The “rug” look is quite popular right now and darker patterns with red and black work very well. Of course they should only be used if you have a large enough bedroom as adding darker tones to the wall will make the room seem smaller. Although it’s hard to see in this picture, occasional furniture in the bedroom like the bench we have here are great. Kilim benches are the most popular for having by the window as they’re relatively small and can be an ideal place to leave clothes on or shoes stored under. If you’re after a grander look in the bedroom, a colonial bed will definitely fit in nicely. Many antique stores actually sell the headboards like this for a lot less than you’d think. It’s usually easy to get one as seller ideally want to save on the large space they take up.