Getting a Vintage Sound in a New Way

Having vintage touches sprinkled throughout the home is always a good sign of taste. There’s one area where you can run in to a problem though: having a good sound system.

For someone who wants to keep their interior looking classic, there might now be a product that can keep the interior in check by using the latest technology to create a unique sound system. This is the Gramavox. It is a gramophone that doesn’t you to have an extensive record collection of make space in the corner for you to start playing 45’s on.

Its a special speaker that works through Bluetooth. The simplistic design brings a contemporary sense to an antique style of product with a walnut base and speaker designed to look just like a 1920s gramophone. It has a battery life of 15 hours and can work from a 30m range throughout the home.

new vintage gramophone

gramavox bluetooth gramophone

bluetooth gramophone