An Eye for Style

Over the years fashions and styles have came and went but many seem to enjoy some form of resurgence at some point.

Make up trends don’t differ from this and various decades have seen styles come and go which is why we thought we would take a trip down memory lane to see which eye make up styles stood out over the years.

The 1950’s


Eye make up in the Fifties tended to be quite subtle and minimalist. That being said there was a flourish involving mascara that was a popular accessory of the time. It was applied along the upper lash before sweeping out in an arch, a move that opened the eyes.

The 1960’s


The 1960’s saw an explosion of style and colour. During the 60’s the cats eye effect of the 50’s was ignored for doubling up eyeliner and the use of white eye liner over the upper lid and to the inner corner of the eye. Popular eye shadow palettes of the time included blue grey and white while fake eyelashes really came to the fore used on both the top and bottom.

The 1970’s


The 1970’s saw a natural approach to eyebrows while the eyes were emphasised with heavy shadows and thick liners.

The 1980’s


The 80’s was an interesting era for fashion with people going all out. Contrast and clashes were very much of the time with bold colours like pink, blue, orange, green and purple all fighting for space in attention grabbing looks.

While some of these styles may not be to your tastes we have seen their influence in many recent styles and we will continue to do so. Eye make up and style will always be an important part of any beauty process and with so many impressive products now on the market it is getting easier to create any of these styles.

As well as makeup, eyelash extensions are proving to be more popular than ever before with women around the world looking to enhance their natural features.

Where the next big style will come from is anyone’s guess, it could be influenced by a previous fashion choice or be something totally original but it is exciting to think how many great options are available to people who are willing to be a bit adventurous and look at some of the stunning styles that have appeared over the last 50 or 60 years.