A Vintage Mediterranean Holiday: Staying In Malta

Show someone a map of the world and tell them to point it out. Chances are their finger will spend some time hovering around the Mediterranean before it can be found. Do you know why it’s so hard to find? Because it’s an absolute hidden gem of a holiday hotspot; especially if you’re a vintage lover. We’re planning a holiday here this year and by the looks of it, it will be vintage heaven.

coruncopia hotel 3

Just take a look at this little reception. It is the most quaint, sunny and relaxing spot we’ve ever seen. The small wooden windows, fancy rug and plants all set it up to look at authentic as possible. We’d take a million little hotels like this over an expansive hotel chain reception lacking any sort of character. This is the Cornucopia Hotel Xaghra and is located in a small town on Gozo. It’s a tiny island that sits just a little bit north of Malta. It’s all charm and the ideal place to stay if you want to have a holiday that makes you feel like you’re living just like the locals.

coruncopia hotel 6

This dining room is reminiscent of Rick’s in Casablanca. Could you imagine a night-time tipple with the the warm ambience and amazing wine (we heard that vintage reds in Malta are the most underrated in Europe)? The hotel is 4 stars and the food on offer in the dining area is the best the sea has to offer, with every dish caught just a few miles away, so you don’t have to worry about dinner being a terribly cooked burger and chips. From reviews we’ve read online, the Spaghetti mit Knoblauch, Ol, Pfefferschoten und Sardellen   (that’s Spaghetti oil, garlic, chilli and anchovy  for those who can’t speak Maltese) is the dish to try for a fancy meal that gives a true taste of what Maltese cuisine is like.

coruncopia hotel 2

This is what the entrance to the dining room is like. We’ve been told all the halls have this barrel/ arch styled architecture in place. The small (height-wise)  are a very common sight in Malta, and the furniture you wouldn’t see out of place in a vintage store; rich varnished woods, barrels and the shiniest marble flooring you’ve ever seen.

coruncopia hotel 4

How quaint does this bedroom look? The simplistic layout is great. They aren’t any modern hookups in the way and the room has a view of the pool area, which itself is covered in lush green.  The riviera style door to the room would make you think you were in a Hemingway book (in a good way of course), having a laze about the room after a hard day spent by the pool.

coruncopia hotel

This old school photo of one of the lounge areas is just a vintage lover’s paradise. The super comfy furniture, the Turkish styled tiling on the floor, the screen doors and that incredible looking clock make it look like you’re travelling back in time; in a good way of course. Give me a book and a glass of wine and I’ll hunker down here for the evening.

I’d argue to say this is one of the best hotels in Xaghra, if not, all of Malta. If you’re planning a holiday in this part of the world and are going to book flights to Gozo give this hotel a good look at. It is the ideal hotel for a vintage lover and one I definitely won’t try to steal an ornate 1920s looking gold clock from.