How Old Is Your Boiler?

Spring cleaning time means only thing: a big overhaul of everything you’ve thrown in the cupboard by the bathroom since last year. And while you’ll soon be heading to a local charity or vintage shop to get rid of those summer shorts you’ll never wear again, some old towels that have seen a better day or those bed sheets that got mixed up in a colour watch. it might be worth your time to actually empty the cupboard and have a look at the big white boiler staring you right in the face that has been crying out for attention. Continue reading

Starbucks: Making Coffee Cool For 45 Years

It’s hard to imagine that things from the 1970s can or would be classified as vintage but if our Pinterest is anything to go by, hippy chic acting as the hot style at festivals, Star Wars being the biggest deal in cinema, Elton John touring and John Travolta being on TV again, it’s safe to say that we are now looking back to the 1970s for inspiration. There is one brand though which launched in the 70s and still manages to look sleek and modern, and all they do is sell coffee. Continue reading

A Vintage Mediterranean Holiday: Staying In Malta

Show someone a map of the world and tell them to point it out. Chances are their finger will spend some time hovering around the Mediterranean before it can be found. Do you know why it’s so hard to find? Because it’s an absolute hidden gem of a holiday hotspot; especially if you’re a vintage lover. We’re planning a holiday here this year and by the looks of it, it will be vintage heaven. Continue reading

Vintage Exteriors

So far we have concentrated a lot of exterior décor and design inside the home, but have paid very little attention to the exterior. Many people may not give much thought to the exterior of their homes, after all it is on the inside that you will be spending the majority of your time anyway, especially if you live in the UK. Continue reading

Making Vintage Wood Look Good

Here’s a fun game to play. The next time you’re going shopping in town, take a second to look around a shop and take notice of how everything is presented. We’re not talking about the actual clothes you see but where they’re displayed.

Are they on a rail? Are they in a cabinet? What does the display itself look like?

You might be asking why we’re asking these slightly off questions. Well there’s a simple reason why. It seems to us that any trendy new shop or restaurant is turning to vintage furnishings in an effort to look cool. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these examples of wood looking old and good on the high street. Continue reading

Vintage Is Back

The ‘vintage’ look is well and truly back, and with the summer now well and truly under way home owners everywhere will be starting new DIY projects to turn their homes into the modern-vintage show homes they’ve always dreamed of. With property market now picking up again we are seeing a surge in new buyers looking to refurbish some rather tired looking properties, and the wonderful you can do it for pennies. Continue reading

Old Homes with a New Life


Before: Kitchen fashions come and go and if you got it wrong the first time round the chances are it is never going to look great. The choice of dark cabinets is one that often comes back to haunt people but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune fix.

After: Locating a good deal on cabinets is a must, Ikea is often a great shout. White paint and some good foraging for furniture has turned this kitchen into a great modern kitchen that is not only a lot better to work in but will also add value to the home.


Before: It is difficult to attain a look that doesn’t look dated and this bathroom, before its overhaul, proves that.

After: The change of tiles, some paintwork and a new sink console have made this a beautiful master bathroom. By keeping the same setting you don’t have to consider moving the plumbing which will save you money as well.



Before: You would think that you were getting the most of your space in the first picture and though it looks a little dated there would not be much you could do to change things.

After: This redesign goes to show that thinking outside the box can often work for you. A beautiful claw foot bath in a wet room style bathroom has completely changed this bathroom from a cramped one to a bright spacious one.


Before: A garish and outdated hearth dominated the living space of this home until the owners decided enough was enough.

After: Replacing the hearth and moving it to create symmetry has totally transformed the room making it much more appealing. Changing the colour scheme and accessorising.


Before: This room was a little outdated and not in the least noteworthy until a few changes turned things around.

After: Painting the room a brighter colour and taking away the net curtains made this living room a lot brighter. The change of furniture made a big difference and making the most of modern heating options allow the room to retain its style while getting the maximum efficiency from its radiators. Finding heating deals online can help you to save a considerable amount if you are considering a change, everything from full radiators to radiator valves can be found in all shapes and sizes that will suit any design.

Real Vintage Holidays

These days if someone talks about vintage they are probably meaning an old T shirt that they want to sell and think that by saying it is vintage that they can add an extra £20 on to the price. Vintage holidays might be someone talking about somewhere that is hip at the moment but to get a real ‘vintage’ holiday you should be going somewhere truly historic. Continue reading