Washington D.C. – America’s Political Centre & Capital City

America’s capital, Washington D.C., is an extremely popular destination for tourists looking to sample the inner political and historical workings of the world’s superpower. Despite being a small federal district, and not technically a state or city, Washington D.C. is host to a wide range of important, prestigious, and influential locations and organisations worth visiting.

From the White House and Washington Monument to The World Bank and prestigious law firms, Washington D.C. has something for everyone. You should visit the district if you’re particularly interested in how the United States was formed and who were the significant figures in making the USA a free democratic country. Below we’ll touch on just some of the different areas of attractions there are that make Washington D.C. a fantastic and interesting destination.

Political & Historical Attractions

Of course, any visitor to Washington D.C. has to visit the White House, the official residence and workplace of the president of the United States. The building itself is over 200 years old and has housed every president from then on ‘til the present day. You can go for a full tour if you book in advance, or you can get a great view of the outside simply by taking a stroll nearby.

Your second destination should be the United States Capitol building, an iconic structure everyone recognises; it is the workplace of congress who discuss and debate legislation as one of the three wings of federal government. The building was constructed in the same year as the White House, in 1800, so it offers the same level of historical relevance as the home of the president. You can also book a tour of the Capitol so be sure to take advantage of this:


Our last favourite for political/historical attractions in Washington D.C. is the Washington Monument. This obelisk stands tall at almost 170 metres tall and has been around since 1884. It was created to honour the memory and achievement of the USA’s first president, George Washington. While it’s always great to get up close and even go up tall historic structures like this for a great view, unfortunately, the Washington Monument is actually closed for upgrades until 2019. You should not let this put you off visiting, however.

Law Organisations & Firms

While not the first thing many potential holidaymakers think about when booking a trip to America, we urge you to explore some of the very prestigious bodies and organisations which have ties with law in Washington D.C. The United States Senate is responsible for voting on proposed laws as another wing of the counterbalance between the President and Congress. You can tour this iconic building and even watch the Senate in session with the right passes. This is most definitely worth looking into if you’re interested in US politics.

A number of prestigious law firms call Washington D.C. their home as they can stay close to where new legislation is being created and implemented, as well as having attorneys who are clued up on issues prevalent in these political circles. Goodwin is one such law firm which provides private equity services in the East Coast while based in Washington D.C. These types of law-related locations may not be every tourist’s main pull to Washington D.C., however, we think they’re worth thinking about if you happen to be interested in law and/or politics.

Enjoy Your Time in Washington D.C.

Whatever the reason you decide to pay a visit to the USA’s capital, we’re sure you’ll have a great time – you’re also guaranteed to learn something new. If you like politics, history, and law, Washington D.C. is the holiday destination for you.