Real Vintage Holidays

These days if someone talks about vintage they are probably meaning an old T shirt that they want to sell and think that by saying it is vintage that they can add an extra £20 on to the price. Vintage holidays might be someone talking about somewhere that is hip at the moment but to get a real ‘vintage’ holiday you should be going somewhere truly historic.

There are many places that fall into this category but the location that stands out for us as a place with genuine history that needs to be visited is Greece.

Already a popular holiday destination because of its wonderful weather it is also somewhere that you can really get a sense of history.

If you are thinking of going on holiday obviously you will want somewhere that has a bit of everything and if you are looking for a good time Greece has fantastic bars and restaurants, resorts that are absolutely jumping, buzzing nightlife, designer shops and boutiques as well as beautiful sandy beaches to relax on.

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Beyond that there is also a huge amount of sights and historic locations that mean you can get the best of both worlds.

Mark Warner holidays to Lemnos offer something a bit different to mainland Greece too. A wonderful laid back atmosphere surrounds the small Aegean island. You can make the most of the countless beaches by indulging in a bit of watersports and there is also the opportunity to get around some interesting historic sights too. You can find out a bit more about Lemnos by visiting the following link –

Lemnos 1 023 - Anzac myrina harbour AWM C00656

Mainland Greece has everything you could look for but the Acropolis in Athens is an absolute must for anyone visiting the area.

Dating back to the 5th Century it also holds the remains of the Parthenon a former Greek temple constructed in 438 BC. It is one of Europe’s most important historical sights and welcomes thousands of tourists every year.

Athens, Attica, Greece --- Greece, Attica, Athens, Acropolis, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO --- Image by © René Mattes/Hemis/Corbis

If you are contemplating a holiday to Greece or one of the beautiful Greek islands dotted about the Aegean Sea it will be well worth doing a bit of research to make sure you make the most of a truly beautiful and historic country.