Malta – Small but Ancient

Europe boasts some of the most ancient structures in the world, and rather impressively, the tiny Mediterranean island nation of Malta has some of them. Find out about Malta’s most historical sites right here.

Malta is primarily known as a European tourist hotspot thanks to its sandy beaches, sparkling warm waters and lovely and sunny Mediterranean climate. Look a little deeper past the beach and the pool though and you can discover an exciting and historical past. In various points throughout history, Malta has been ruled by the Phoenicians, Knights Hospitallier, British, French, Sicilians and Moors to name just a few.

Before all of this however, Malta was inhabited in prehistoric times from about 5000BC. One of the most lasting impressions was made with the Ggantija (meaning Giants’ Tower), a megalithic temple complex found on the most northerly of the Maltese islands, Gozo. Dating back to 3600BC this UNESCO World Heritage Site consists of 2 temples, and the façade of a third uncompleted one, and is one of the oldest man-made structures in the whole of Europe.

This well-preserved structure is the oldest of the rather impressive 6 temples that form the Megalithic Temples of Malta that are scattered throughout this island nation. Believed to be for fertility rites, there are amongst the oldest religious buildings in the whole world.

Holidays to Malta really do make the perfect summer sunshine break, but amongst all of the rest and relaxation, do try and squeeze in some quality site-seeing time; you certainly won’t be disappointed.