Frankfurt – Then, Now and Forever

Frankfurt is a place which brings loads of visitors each year. Some of the reason that a lot of visitors come here is due to the cities architecture and the overall history of each attraction. Lets look at some of the oldest buildings that the city has to offer.

Old Nikolai Church

The old church has been around since as far back as 1264.  Situated next to Romberberg it’s one of the best city attractions.  The Frankfurt Christmas Market isn’t far from here and if you’re in town, is worth a stop by.

Archaeological Garden

Centred and located in the beating heart of Frankfurt,  these Gardens are 100’s of years old, situated near to the cathedral and town hall.

Main Guardhouse

It used to be the main Police Station for the whole of Frankfurt. Another historical and beautiful area within the city.

Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter has been around since the mid 1400s near to Frankfurts City Wall.