Edinburgh Back In The Day

Edinburgh is one of the most popular cities to visit not just in the UK but in the whole of Europe.  It’s known for many attractions including the ancient Edinburgh Castle and cobbled streets. Let’s look at Edinburgh at a glance and see how it’s changed to the present day.

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It’s probably quite obvious where we were going to start and of course it’s Edinburgh Castle! The mighty fortress can be seen from miles away and is one of the popular attractions in the whole of Scotland. Experts believe that the castle was occupied from the Iron Age but they can’t give an exact time frame. The Castle was a royal residence till 1633. From the 15th century on wards, Edinburgh Castle was mainly used  as a military barracks. As the years rolled on, people realised that the Castle was a beacon of Scottish history, and a restoration program has been carried out over the past century or so to repair the building and bring it up to present day standards.

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Edinburgh is known throughout the world for being home to one of the most prestigious institutions, Edinburgh University. The University is the identity of the city, owning many buildings in the cities Old Town district. The uni was founded in 1582 and is one of Scotland’s oldest universities while being the 6th oldest educational institute in the whole of the English speaking world. Known for being one of the most employable University’s for students, it was ranked 21st in the world in the latest worldwide university rankings.

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Holyrood House or its official name The Palace of Holyroodhouse is the home of the British Royal Family in Scotland. Situated close to the Royal Mile, opposite Edinburgh Castle has been a residence of the Royals since around the 16th century.  The Queen stays here once a week every summer to carry out royal duties.

There’s many hotels near to these attractions so you’re never going to far away wherever you’re staying in town. Edinburgh is a place with some of the most vintage and beautiful buildings in the world.