Adidas – The King of European Footwear

Style and fashion has always kept an eye on the past and, in recent years, it has been doing so more than ever before.

With so many looks and styles coming back into fashion for people to pick and choose from today’s style is becoming a melting pot.

One such style has really been catching the attention of the younger generations as well as those that have always held it close to their heart, the style of the much maligned Casual.

Casuals are probably more famous for their violent pastime of football hooliganism and violence but it can’t be denied that their sense of style was equally as important as causing trouble.

With the 2009 release of Nick Love’s remake of ‘The Firm’ focusing on the clothes and violence people really started to pay attention to brands like Sergio Tacchini , Ellesse and Fila. But the main player when it comes to footwear is the three stripes of Adidas.


Just look over on Instagram to see the popularity of hash tags that for the brand. #ThreeStripes has over 225k posts, Adiporn has over 340k and Adidas itself has over 25 million!

But what has made Adidas trainers so popular? It could be down to the brand being instantly recognisable for all manner of sportswear as well as its dedication to regularly bringing out new styles and colour ways of its most popular designs like the Island series, Stan Smith, Samba, Gazelle, Hamburg and Forest Hills to name just a few.


With so many styles, colours and designs Adidas has it covered for anyone looking for a new pair of trainers. The recent Islands release also saw them re-release classic trainers which had collectors clamoring to get their size.

With famous faces like Noel Gallagher and Ian Brown being self confessed fans of the brand it is little wonder it has found such popularity with their fans. The recent Stone Roses gigs at the City of Manchester Etihad Stadium were the perfect hunting ground for trainer spotters.

In 2014 the Adidas SPEZIAL exhibition really hammered home how popular and iconic the brand has become as they welcomed thousands of fans as well as famous faces like Patrick Viera, Mani, Shaun Ryder and Shane Meadows to view a huge collection of the trainers.

Adidas Spezial

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With a load of new styles on the horizon Adidas trainers will continue to have their aficionados as well as those that aren’t as interested in the history but are just on the lookout for some good trainers.

While Nike may have the crown over in the US, Europe is very much Adidas territory and it looks like it will be staying that way for some time to come.