Washington D.C. – America’s Political Centre & Capital City

America’s capital, Washington D.C., is an extremely popular destination for tourists looking to sample the inner political and historical workings of the world’s superpower. Despite being a small federal district, and not technically a state or city, Washington D.C. is host to a wide range of important, prestigious, and influential locations and organisations worth visiting.

From the White House and Washington Monument to The World Bank and prestigious law firms, Washington D.C. has something for everyone. You should visit the district if you’re particularly interested in how the United States was formed and who were the significant figures in making the USA a free democratic country. Below we’ll touch on just some of the different areas of attractions there are that make Washington D.C. a fantastic and interesting destination.

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A Vintage Mediterranean Holiday: Staying In Malta

Show someone a map of the world and tell them to point it out. Chances are their finger will spend some time hovering around the Mediterranean before it can be found. Do you know why it’s so hard to find? Because it’s an absolute hidden gem of a holiday hotspot; especially if you’re a vintage lover. We’re planning a holiday here this year and by the looks of it, it will be vintage heaven. Continue reading

Real Vintage Holidays

These days if someone talks about vintage they are probably meaning an old T shirt that they want to sell and think that by saying it is vintage that they can add an extra £20 on to the price. Vintage holidays might be someone talking about somewhere that is hip at the moment but to get a real ‘vintage’ holiday you should be going somewhere truly historic. Continue reading