Making Vintage Wood Look Good

Here’s a fun game to play. The next time you’re going shopping in town, take a second to look around a shop and take notice of how everything is presented. We’re not talking about the actual clothes you see but where they’re displayed.

Are they on a rail? Are they in a cabinet? What does the display itself look like?

You might be asking why we’re asking these slightly off questions. Well there’s a simple reason why. It seems to us that any trendy new shop or restaurant is turning to vintage furnishings in an effort to look cool. Don’t believe us? Take a look at these examples of wood looking old and good on the high street. Continue reading

Old Homes with a New Life


Before: Kitchen fashions come and go and if you got it wrong the first time round the chances are it is never going to look great. The choice of dark cabinets is one that often comes back to haunt people but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune fix.

After: Locating a good deal on cabinets is a must, Ikea is often a great shout. White paint and some good foraging for furniture has turned this kitchen into a great modern kitchen that is not only a lot better to work in but will also add value to the home.


Before: It is difficult to attain a look that doesn’t look dated and this bathroom, before its overhaul, proves that.

After: The change of tiles, some paintwork and a new sink console have made this a beautiful master bathroom. By keeping the same setting you don’t have to consider moving the plumbing which will save you money as well.



Before: You would think that you were getting the most of your space in the first picture and though it looks a little dated there would not be much you could do to change things.

After: This redesign goes to show that thinking outside the box can often work for you. A beautiful claw foot bath in a wet room style bathroom has completely changed this bathroom from a cramped one to a bright spacious one.


Before: A garish and outdated hearth dominated the living space of this home until the owners decided enough was enough.

After: Replacing the hearth and moving it to create symmetry has totally transformed the room making it much more appealing. Changing the colour scheme and accessorising.


Before: This room was a little outdated and not in the least noteworthy until a few changes turned things around.

After: Painting the room a brighter colour and taking away the net curtains made this living room a lot brighter. The change of furniture made a big difference and making the most of modern heating options allow the room to retain its style while getting the maximum efficiency from its radiators. Finding heating deals online can help you to save a considerable amount if you are considering a change, everything from full radiators to radiator valves can be found in all shapes and sizes that will suit any design.

Vintage Colours That Work

These days being vintage means having something that is essentially new but has the essence of something with history behind it. This New York loft is a perfect example of such an idea.

All the original drywall and fittings are in place, and in areas they’re not measures have been taken to ensure this isn’t obvious. Looking for an example? Check out the windows. Many lofts would have the originally panelled windows in place from their time as factory space. But single paned glass in this day and age is a terrible idea. Instead these windows are given a unique trim that doesn’t highlight the fact they’re double glazed.

Another escape from the negatives of vintage to avoid on show here? The use of colour. Walk in to a vintage shop and you’ll see an abundance of horrible looking colours and fabrics. This space knows how and when colour is appropriate. It’s all about punctuating a room rather than forcing much in. Notice how the couch in the living area matches the walls and roofs, yet it is noticeable and works. in the kitchen too, the rather sleek space is somewhat ‘vintaged’ with the orange light shade as nothing screams vintage more than bright orange. It’s somewhat reminiscent of a 60s style home.

The only room really not to follow suit with the vintage vibe is in the bathroom, where the marble is elegant and only a peak of original tile is visible under the mirror. As a reprise from the idea it works, and when you notice that the washroom by the entrance has pink flowers for wallpaper, then you get a sigh of vintage relief at least.

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